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Being a bodybuilder is far from being easy, mostly due to hard trainings, combined with strict regime when it comes to eating habits and everyday routine. On top of all that, to achieve high end results, supplements are needed and they do cost. Not much, true, but you cannot get one type and expect results, you have to get the entire pack and that requires money. Still, in order to be able to compete, best supplements are a necessity. There are several different supplements but they can be generally divided into those for muscle growth, products that recover muscles after exercises, energy boosters, vitamins, products for endurance, and, of course, testosterone supplements.

There have been many debates regarding the pros and cons of using so-called natural best supplements for testosterone, but the point is that a bodybuilder has to be prepared that there is no hundred percent safe product. Then again, any medication taken for any kind of illness, condition or disease carries a certain risk of side effects, so why would it be any different with supplements for bodybuilders?

Supplements for testosterone

One supplement for testosterone is very interesting, it is called Tribulus Terrestris and it is widely spread and used in the world of bodybuilding because it is supposed to be completely natural. There have been several analysis of this product and all have shown that testosterone levels grew for more than 50 percent, which is amazing to say at least. Main difference between Tribulus and other testosterone supplements is in the function. Tribulus is not in hormone group at all; actually it has a completely different mechanism since it enhances the secretion of a hormone called LH, which is short for luteinizing hormone. LH directly affects the production of testosterone, by telling the organism to build it when necessary.

There is one other function of the testosterone supplements, and that is enhanced sexual desire. Although a doctor will recommend that for this benefit, supplements should be used occasionally, definitely not on a daily basis, simply because desire for high sexual appetite can provoke some unwanted side effects. Whichever product you use, when it comes to testosterone supplements, you have to be aware that one of the major side effects is increased aggressiveness. And that really can cause some problems. So, weighting good and bad sides of these products is needed, although it is clear what will be a decision of the majority of bodybuilders. Great body simply cannot be built without risk and sacrifice.

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