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Supplements for getting lean

Being a part of today’s modern society bears some necessary actions – keeping fit. However, paying attention to your weight isn’t only the requirement of the modern world but it should also be your requirement because it can improve your health significantly.

There are many ways of helping yourself reach your desired body weight:


Many of today’s modern diets don’t actually work and the weight you lose soon returns. The best thing is to follow a standard high protein/low fat plan. Eating small portions of food more frequently is much better than three big meals. Each of the 6-7 daily meals should have a source of lean protein but very little fat or sugar. The meals early in the day should include a high quality carbohydrate, but the later meals should feature only a protein and a green vegetable. Oatmeal, brown rice and sweet potatoes are good source of carbs. They are considered low glycemic carbs as they do not spike your body's insulin levels. Therefore, your body uses these carbs and turns them into energy and is less likely to store it as fat. Egg whites, skinless chicken, turkey, fish and the leaner cuts of red meat are excellent source of protein.


There should be a simple goal: burn fat, but not muscle. Too little time or not enough intensity and your body will not burn much fat. Too much time or too high intensity and you may burn muscle that you do not want to lose. As a beginner, exercises such as a brisk walk are probably sufficient to begin the fat burning process. Soon this will not be enough and a higher level of intensity will be needed. The best method to determine how vigorously you should exercise and to ensure that you are exercising at the appropriate level is to keep track of you heart rate (hr). Maintaining your hr at about 60-70 percent of the maximum is the ideal range for burning fat but keeping muscle.

It is much more efficient to perform cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast. Your body is more likely to burn the fat when your stomach is empty early in the day. Generally, 3 times a week is enough, but this can be increased depending upon how your body responds.

Weight training

The most important aspect of weight training is the intensity. The harder you push your body to the very the results are better and more visible.

The exact organization of your weight-training plan depends upon how your body reacts and you should seek advice from an authorized bodytrainer.


In today’s world of harmful steroids and weight-loss pill, one can find it hard to choose the appropriate solution to the problem of weight.

The best thing is talk to a professional nutritionist in order to seek advice because our bodies are different and respond differently.

There are several basic supplements that have some real scientific evidence to support their claimed value.

Glutamine and Creatine help the muscle building process. Glutamine is more valuable in preserving muscle when focusing on losing fat while Creatine is used when gaining muscle is the primary goal.

The ECA stack - a combination of ephedrine and caffeine, in a 1 to 10 ratio respectively, plus aspirin. This combination accelerates the body's metabolism.

A standard multi-vitamin – vitamins and minerals are important in keeping your body healthy during your diet and working program.

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