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The anabolic diet is the diet that provides both; the bigger muscles and the loss of fat, and that is why it is so popular in the world of the body building.

But, it is also beneficial in general, since the overall health is improved, and the individual feels more powerful and full-fed all the time. So, it works as the dictator of the hormonal functions which play an important role in increasing the muscle mass, and this effect is obtained by carefully selected foods that should be eaten together at the specific moments during a day.

Of course, the best effect is achieved if the dietary regime is followed by the proper workouts. Because of that, this diet must include a lot of the fats, minerals, vitamins and proteins for the five days, and another two days of a week should be supplied with enough carbohydrates. For the muscular tissue, the best nutritive is the fat from the red meat, since it builds up the amount of the hormone called testosterone. But, at the same time, the anabolic diet decreases the amount of the harmful substances in the blood, such as the triglycerides and the cholesterol, and maintains the normal level of the insulin.The specific periods in the diet

Nevertheless, since it is really carefully planned regime, it is also a very complicated diet and the hardest thing to do is to get used to it. So, the best thing is to boost the energy in the period of the first two weeks. That can be achieved by the intake of the fats and proteins, meaning to eat a lot of meat.

For the next 48 hours the carbohydrates should be consumed (but the milk, rice and oat products mustn’t be consumed), and after that period, one should continue with the method described in the beginning of the text (5+2 days).

For instance, when it comes to the period of in-taking of the fats and proteins, very beneficial is the extra virgin olive oil, especially when consumed after the training session, and it is more appropriate to be added for lunch or dinner as the salad dressing. The fish oils are also already well-known to be very healthy, so, they are also recommended to be the parts of the meals. During those days, the foods rich in proteins, such as ham, cheese, eggs and the vegetables are advisable to be prepared for eating.

In the case of the periods which should be marked by the intake of the carbohydrates, oats, cheese, pastas and, as far as the meats are concerned, the chicken breast, should be eaten, but the healthiest source of the carbs are the fruits.

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