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An Introduction to the basics of Bodybuilding

Apart from lifting weights, there are two other critical components of the pursuit of lean muscle mass, also known as bodybuilding. Even if the process is composed of three parallel threads, they are not equally important. What is meant by this is that, and even though it is a widely known fact that muscles grow during sleep-time, as many experts argue: a proper diet can account for up to 90% of the bodybuilder's success.

This article offers such a diet plan, namely KISS – not as in “keep it simple, stupid,” but rather: “keep it simple, smart guy.” There will be no medical technicalities mentioned in this article, the plan will simply be laid out as plainly as possible.

The KISS Diet Plant

According to the diet plan, a bodybuilder ought to only eat small meals. The meals ought to be eaten five to six times per day. This means that they should be set for two-and-a-half to three hour apart. The meals are mostly protein, carbohydrates and various fats. This particular element of the diet plan is designed to keep the builder's metabolism going, while providing the muscles with the nutrients required for growth.

The proper amount of protein is relevant to the builder's gender, age, goals, etc. A general rule would be that, say a healthy male willing to produce a significant, lean muscle mass would eat about 1.5 grams of proteins in a meal per pound of body weight. This would sum up to about an average 25-30 grams of proteins per portion. The most likable sources of proteins would be lean meats, fish, egg whites, low fat cottage cheese, etc. Fatty meats as well as frying meat in fat is not at all recommended.

Next in line are the carbs. There is a number of different types of carbs and this should be kept in mind while choosing amongst them. Complex carbs are found in potatoes, yams, cereals, grains, bread, rice, pasta, etc. Simple carbs are found in fruit and vegetables.

For some reason, nobody likes to listen about eating fats. The truth is, fats are in anyone's diet, and especially a bodybuilder's one. They come from foods such as: extra virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, almonds and fish oil.

According to the previously explained categories, a meal in accordance with the diet ought to consist of a portion from the protein groups, the complex as well as the simple carb groups.

The first meal, in the morning, should only consist of simple carbs. It should also be followed by the workout. The workout should be followed by some protein and more simple carbs, like say, a banana.

The fast shouldn't be served more than twice or three times per day. If a person is looking to burn some extra fat, complex carbs should be avoided the last two or three meals a day.

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