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Information on Lipase Supplements

Lipase supplements can be a very efficient during the processof weight loss and they are also very helpful for the regulation of themetabolic rate. Lipase is one of the water soluble digestive enzymes and it isvery important in catalyzing the hydrolysis of the Ester chemical bonds whichcan be found in the lipid substrates which are not soluble in the water.

Lipaseis actually a dietary enzyme and its main purpose is to enhance the breakdownof fat during the process of food digestion. Lipase is produced by the pancreasand together with insulin and glucagon it is of utmost importance for theproper sugar metabolism in the human bloodstream. Gastric lipase is produced bythe stomach, while the hepatic lipase is produced by the liver. Other types oflipase include lipoprotein lipase and endothelial lipase. One of the bestnatural food sources of lipase are raw butter and cream.

The supplements areusually produced from numerous different animal sources and they are commonlyin the form of tablets with enteric coating. They can only be dissolved in thehuman intestines. Sometimes they can cause damage of the intestinal walls andtrigger mal-absorption syndrome as well. Nowadays the supplements are producedfrom microbial and plant sources such as papaya in order to avoid those medicalconditions.

Some supplements are even made from certain types of bacteria andfungus. These can be purchased in the powder form as well as the tablet form.Lipase supplements are of great value for those who suffer from numerous differenttypes of pancreas problems.

Benefits of Lipase Supplements

Lipase is very important for the digestion of fat, sugarmetabolism and the digestion of various different types of nutrients in theintestines. It is also beneficial in mobilizing the fatty acids and providingcalories on a regular daily basis. Lipase deficiency can be associated withcertain medical conditions such as celiac disease and cystic fibrosis.

It canlead to further medical complications such as high levels of bad cholesterol inthe blood, high trygliceride levels, heart diseases, varicose veins,cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes. Lipase supplements can also be ofgreat help for those who suffer from certain medical conditions such asirritable bowel syndrome, feeling of fullness after each meal, abdominalbloating and constipation.

Lipase supplements are very efficient in enhancingweight loss and reducing obesity. Elevated levels of lipase can sometimes lead to severe medicalconditions such as pancreatic cancer, nausea, kidney failure, stomach cramps,gallstones, inflammation of pancreas, obesity, diabetes and chronicpancreatitis.

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