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It is very important to learn about the basics of humananatomy and about some of the most important processes in the organism, whichtake place either constantly, or from time to time. It is obvious that twoprocesses that might be called the most important are heart working andbreathing. While, we are not aware of the heart work (except for the heartbeat),we have some control of the breathing, although we are performing it completelyautomatically. There are also some other things that we need to do in order toperform a maintenance of our body. Of course, one of those things is eating anddrinking water. Water is something we cannot survive without for more than fewdays, while the lack of food we can tolerate for a longer period than that,although it is obvious that the lack of one or both for more than allowed leadsto death.


Inserting food into the mouth cavity is just the beginningof the digestive process, which takes place in all parts of the digestivetract, with different activities and different substances used in each level.For example, saliva is a primary substance that is used to soften the food andenable its easier passage through esophagus further on to the stomach andintestines. One of the major substances used ingastric part is HCL, a powerful acid that can start dissolving the food, aprocess which is completed in the intestines. This is also the location wheresome other important enzymes are active. One of those is lipase.


What is pancreatic lipase? It is an enzyme produced inpancreas, and as such travels to the intestinal tract to perform its role ofbreaking down fats for easier absorption. Unfortunately, this is a process thatcan be easily disrupted, in several ways. Some people have problematic mucus,one of the layers in skin and walls of inner organs, because it is thicker thanit should normally be, and that creates a problem for lipase, since it simplycannot pass through it and enter the intestinal tract. There are alsoconditions that cause problems for pancreas, so it is not able to produce theamount of lipase that the body needs. Other conditions associated with theproblematic secretion of lipase are Crohn's disease and celiac disease.

Digestive system is one of the more important systems inour bodies because it provides us with the energy we need. This is why itshould be kept healthy and safe, and this means that eating should be moderateand without exaggerating when it comes to the amount and the structure of meals.

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