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Learning about the facts regarding the structure and basic functioning of the human body might prove to be very important, because it can teach us to be more careful when it comes to our health and prevention of some medical conditions. Learning about respiratory system, digestive process, the way that our heart works, how we use muscles etc., this is all essential for us to start taking better care of ourselves. Preventing medical conditions is definitely the best and most effective way of dealing with all sorts of medical issues.

Digestive process

Digesting is a process of breaking down food molecules into simpler forms, so that, those can easily travel further on through the intestines and be absorbed. It is obvious that there are many substances that are involved in this process. Enzymes are one of those substances, and each enzyme is responsible for a certain chemical in nutrients;, more precisely for dissolving it.


Lipase is such an enzyme and it breaks down fats to fatty acids. It is a substance made in pancreas and most of the problems regarding secretion of this enzyme come from the problems involving pancreas. Perhaps pancreas is simply not producing enough lipase, or there has been some trauma, some physical injury or some condition that caused pancreas to work improperly. Normal levels of lipase are in a range from 0 to 160 units per liter. Breaching that range will create problems in the metabolism of fats, which further leads to the creation of some medical conditions. Medical illnesses related to problems with lipase levels are Crohn's disease, celiac disease and some other. There also might be some sort of blockage in the mucosa level in the walls of inner organs. Thickness of mucosa can be abnormally high and simply does not allow lipase to enter the digestive tract.

There is also a problem with elevated levels of lipase, which is a signal for a person to go to a doctor immediately. Some signs of the increased levels of lipase are similar to those of diabetes, including frequent urination, weight loss, problems with constant thirst etc. Keeping a digestive process normal is very important for maintaining the healthy state of the organism. To keep it normal, the amount of food taken in one meal must not be too large; it will be a problem for the stomach to digest it and it will also travel slowly towards the colon. A moderate meal with enough nutrients is something that should always be applied.

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