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Human body is a complex organism with the numerous different cells, organs and tissues. There are dozens of chemical processes that take place each moment, which are used for maintenance and normal functioning of the organism. One of the most important things that an organism has to perform on a daily basis is feeding. Feeding is actually the intake of the nutrients needed for creating enough energy for performing all the activities and processes that happen in the organism. For example, digesting process needs energy too, for releasing the substances into digestive tract. Also, energy is used for movements of the muscles in intestinal walls. This is how the content within intestinal tract is pushed forward.
Digestive process
Digestive process is one of the more interesting processes in the body, because it is happening almost constantly. It is only subdued slightly during sleeping, although some elements are active even then. The mentioned nutrients are dissolved in the stomach first and then in the intestinal part. Enzymes have a very important role in this process and one of these enzymes is lipase. What is lipase? It is an enzyme that is produced in the pancreas and has a primary role in the intestinal tract. It is responsible for breaking down fats into smaller molecules, which can be processed further on in intestines.
Unfortunately, there are many problems that can happen because of the insufficient amount of lipase, or because it is not working properly, or because something is blocking that substance. Sometimes, in a condition called cystic fibrosis, the mucus, one of the layers in the walls of organs and skin, is very thick and that prevents lipase from entering the digestive tract. Other conditions caused by problematic secretion of lipase or those that have such effect as a consequence, are celiac disease and Chron's disease.
Several supplements can be used for replacing the lipase enzymes, although they can only deal with this problem partially. Another problem is the fact that lipase can be dissolved and destroyed by some other enzymes secreted in our body, such as several digestive enzymes (HCL, pepsin and some other). It is essential to visit a doctor whenever some intestinal problem occurs. Stomachache is something people tend to overlook, thinking that it will pass within couple of hours, or perhaps a day. They are usually right about that, but there is always a small chance that there might be something more serious going on and that is why medical examination should take place, just in case.

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