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We will talk about the gastric lipase but in order to do this, we have to see what lipase is. Lipase is a chemical that is found in the human system and it makes the digestion process much faster. In the human body, we have several types of lipase and they are parts of many systems and processes. They help the digestion process, coordinate the activities of the cells, and help in their communication. There are many other functions of these chemicals made up from the amino acids and polypeptides. Since they are very important for the proper functioning of the body, maintaining their level at normal is very important.

Gastric Lipase

This is an enzyme soluble in water and it helps with the breaking of the complex food molecules into the simple molecules or lipids. This makes the digestion process faster. The sudiaphragmatic area of the stomach is where the fundic mucosa cells are producing the gastric lipase. The creation of the gastric lipase depends to the gene belonging to the neutral lipids, which is called LIPF.

Function of Gastric Lipase

The gastric lipase needs no bile presence in order to begin with the long or medium long chain triglycerides in the stomach. It acts on each triglyceride molecule and also helps the fatty acid molecules to liberate, but since the alkaline lipases are more efficient than the gastric lipases, the created diglyceride molecules are not able to pass through, which means that these molecules will probably be wasted. Another lipase type, named pancreatic lipase, has some connection with the food. This lipase mixes with the bile. In some cases there may be deficiency of this lipase and this is when gastric lipase helps the pancreatic and does its work. Lingual lipase also steps in when needed and if this were not done, the digestive system would be totally compromised. When there is a deficiency of lipase, there are certain supplements that can help with this problem. Babies depend greatly on gastric lipase since it help the digestion of milk, due to the penetrating the milk globules. Also, the gastrointestinal tract is sterilized due to the gastric lipase. At least this is a popular opinion. The lyptic activity of the babies greatly depends on the lingual and gastric lipase since they do 50% of the work. Gastric lipase is essential for the baby, because if a deficiency occurs, some serious problems are possible. In some cases, the gastric lipase level may be elevated and this can be caused by the Crohn's disease or problems with pancreas. It is best to see the doctor to determine what the problem is. Pancreatic lipase is the most important of all, but we cannot neglect the importance of the gastric lipase. For the end, we have to say that, when pancreatic lipase fails, the gastric lipase does the work instead.

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