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Understanding the processes that are constantly happening inour bodies is important because that might point us toward healthy choices,when it comes to eating habits and physical activity. Breathing process andheart work are the two most important processes that happen in our bodies and whileheart works completely individually, breathing process can be altered to acertain level (reducing the oxygen intake can be done, but only for a shortperiod). Heart work is triggered by its own electrical system starting with SAnode. There are some other processes in the organism that should be mentionedas essential ones, and one of them is including all reactions that enable our muscles towork, which enables us to move and perform all activities.

Digestion process

The digestive tract is the pathway that the food uses to go throughthe body. A starting point is the mouth and it is the place where saliva with certainmild substances is used for softening the solid food and preparing that same foodfor further passage. Food travels through esophagus and enters the stomachwhere it gets affected with HCL and some other substances, called enzymes. Theyensure dissolving of the food, which makes it even easier to continue to theintestinal part of the digestive tract. The absorption part of the digestiveprocess happens in the intestines. The waste material is deposed in the colon until the defecation process starts.

Enzymes in our body

There are only several nutrients that our organism actuallyneeds and those are proteins, carbohydrates and fats, with some help that comesfrom vitamins. To extract those substances from the food we eat, enzymes areneeded. There are many types of enzymes, all specific for certain substances,and one of those is lipase. Lipase is a substance created in the pancreas and thisis where several problems might occur. If there is any problem with the pancreas,lipase enzyme deficiency will occur. This is a problem since certain fatscannot be absorbed because of the decreased levels of lipase. Sometimes, thishappens because of the problematic structure of the inner walls in organs, since it is toothick for lipase to pass through and therefore, fat metabolism is not enabled.There are also some other medical conditions that are related to thisdeficiency and those are Crohn’s disease and celiac disease. Also, the problems with functioning of the pancreas can cause the lack of lipase. Problems that happenbecause of the lipase must be monitored and controlled with lipase supplements. Itmight not be easy but it is needed in order to maintain a high quality of life.

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