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According to theofficials, back in the 1919, the pace at which this variety of oil (alsoknown as the petrolatum) had taken over the world was simply astonishing. Today,this oil is known to occupy the top spot on the list of most employedsubstances, for medicinal purposes as well.


Petrolatum representsa liquid bland substance that has no color, taste, and odor. Other propertiesthat characterize it are that it is impossible to digest and cannot bedecomposed by bacteria either. The direct conclusion that can be derived fromthis is that this oil cannot become rancid. Since it is not absorbed,any side effects such as poisoning are simply not possible. When it comes toits effectiveness for medicinal purposes, it is known to be helpful andeffective in the case of spastic constipation (refers to the intestinal spasms), since it relieves and decreases the irritation, bringing it under control.

Paraffin oil

In case of thisvariety of oil, it is known that it is characterized by the quality of being anextremely active solvent of the poisonous waste, thus absorbing quite asignificant amount of the toxins that can be found inside the person’sintestinal tract. If a person in question decides upon this oil, he/she shouldtake it in the amount of half an ounce at bedtime, as well as half as much moreone hour prior to every meal. If adhered diligently to this regime, in just amatter of days, what will occur is the big change in putrefactive condition. Whenit comes to hemorrhoids, its effectiveness has also been confirmed. What willfind a tremendous approval among many people is the fact that all the benefitsit abounds in will not be affected and will not diminish in case the oil is continuously employed for quite some time.

One major downside toit is that this variety of oil abounds in substances that can be brought intodirect relation with anthracene – hydrocarbon extracted from tar of the coal,which belongs to the group of substances that are regarded as fully capableof inducing cancer in a person in question.

Facts not todisregard

Dosage – one half of an ounce all theway to three ouncesFrequency of dosage needs to be determinedStomach tolerance – 20% of those peoplewho were a part of the experiment reported experiencing slight a milder form ofnausea

Others facts includestomach tolerance, effectiveness, character of stools etc.

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