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You waited for your baby with anticipation during the nine months of pregnancy, and may have been trying to conceive for a good while before that. Now, your sweet baby is finally in your arms. You are so happy to be a mother, so in love with your baby and at the same time, so... bored caring for her all day long. Does this sound familiar to you?

Many women who led busy lives before their baby was born slow down to stay at home, and care for their baby all day. That is quite an adjustment!

I remember when my first baby was born, and I felt compelled to stay at home with her during those first few days after giving birth. I gave birth at home, and then it was a frightening routine of changing diapers, breastfeeding, me having to pee (which hurt after tearing!!!).

At night, I was not sure how to soothe my crying baby. For someone who had been working right until she went into labor, it was quite a change. The one thing I missed most during the daytime was adult conversation, and I think that goes for most new mothers.

Here are some things that helped me get through the day without frustration and boredom:

Having a supply of good books next to my bed, so I could read something while my little baby napped. She'd only stay asleep if I were next to her, or she was on me. Having a laptop with internet. In those early days, parenting forums were nice to visit. Chatting with other new moms really helped me. Asking visitors over, and having an open-door policy. People often think that parents of newborns want peace and quiet, so you will have to explicitly mention you would love company. Sticking my baby in a good baby carrier and going out and about. Finding a work at home job! See tips for work-at-home mothers of small babies for more ideas.

Good luck!

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