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Before we become parents, most of us have no idea just how controversial parenting choices can be. Google "mommy wars" and you'll get page after page to demonstrate what we are talking about. After you become a mom, discussions about politics or religion become a walk in the park! What are the Top Five hot parenting issues for those who are parenting a newborn or older baby?

Being a stay at home parent vs going to work outside of the home. Whatever your choice, you will be condemned by those who happen to disagree with it. The only cure, I have found, is to simply reply, "Well, this works for us!" when questioned about your decisions. Breastfeeding vs formula feeding. Yes, there is such a thing as the "breastfeeding mafia", also called "lactivists". There are also those who are not supportive of breastfeeding, and especially breastfeeding in public. Whoever knew infant feeding is such a hot infant parenting issue? Cosleeping vs sleeping in a crib in baby's own room. Own-room sleeping advocates claim cosleeping is dangerous. Cosleeping advocates claim that leaving your baby in her own room to sleep is cruel. The thing is, there is no right answer for everyone. Again, this is an individual choice. Cry-it-out vs responding to every cry. Cry-it-out is a popular practice that refers to placing baby is his crib, and allowing him to cry until he goes to sleep. It's also called sleep training. Parents can be up in arms about others who practice this. Proponents of the practice think not doing it, and instead holding, nursing and rocking your baby to sleep means spoiling your infant. Infant car seats. Well, I don't personally drive, and we get everywhere by cab or public transport. But reading on the web informed me that infant car seats are a terribly hot issue. What seat do you buy? Where in the car should the baby be, and should they "rare face" or "forward face"? Until when do you need to use a car seat? Some moms' safety rules go above and beyond the laws on the subject. This issue may be United States-specific, but makes for plenty of hot discussions, for sure!

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