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Cycling is so very popular all around the world as a fitness exercise, leisure activity and for transportation purposes. It is a great form of exercise as it doesn’t put pressure on the joints too much and has a low impact on your bones. To be able to ride a bike you don’t necessarily need to be fit prior to getting on. Not only it has all these benefits but it also saves you money if you cycle to work every day. Try keeping track of how much fuel you normally spend and it will become clear how much money you save. On top of this benefit you also help the environment.

The Health Benefits of Cycling

You cannot turn your back on the obvious benefits to your health of riding a bike. Health experts recommend you ride a bike for half an hour for five days a week and this will be suffice. Over a short period of time, you cannot ignore the fact that your health and fitness is increasing, you will have the capability to climb up those hills easier, and you will find you’re not so much out of breath as you once were. The health benefits will sneak up on you without you even realizing. You will also find by cycling most days you will be able to relax a little about your food consumption because you will inevitably be burning off those few extra calories you put on at last night’s dinner with extra helpings of pudding. So say goodbye to worrying about that waistline of yours.

More Serious Health Benefits

Some more obvious health benefits to cycling and dropping those extra pounds is cutting down the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and of course cancer. You will find those common colds that are around the office just don’t affect you anymore because you have improved your immune system.

Improving Your State of Mind Through Cycling

Work for most people is stressful, it can be so difficult to concentrate and be alert at work if you have driven in tired holding a cup of coffee. You will find if you get on a bike to get to work you will walk in the door fresh and ready to face the day head on. It will also lift up those feel good hormones that are produced naturally when you tap into them, so when your boss growls at you, you will find that it just brushes off your shoulder.

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