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Calories in chicken salad

Different Ingredients – Different Salad

Salads are becoming more and more popular due to their light characteristic and low calorie properties. However, these are often insufficient for satisfying your hunger or can be monotonous unless you introduce some interesting elements, like chicken, for example, in them. Chicken salads are a very popular dish. Thus, many people who enjoy them wonder how much calories do these have. Well, taken into consideration that there are various types of this meal and chicken meat itself, it is only logical that the number of calories will depend on all these properties. For this reason, the following lines will describe some of the most popular chicken salad recipes and explain their nutritional values afterwards.

Chicken Salads and Their Calories

One of the most popular chicken salads out there is the Chinese chicken salad. This one is made by mixing a tablespoon of Asian red chili sauce with two tablespoons of vinegar and the same amount of brown sugar. Then, you are to add one and a half tablespoon of soy sauce and two tablespoons of toasted sesame seeds. Once you do this, include four sliced green onions and half a cup of vegetable oil. You will also need 4 fresh wonton wrappers, 6 cups of shredded cabbage and one and a half tablespoons of fresh, grated ginger. Then, two cups of cube-sliced cooked chicken is added, along with 2 navel oranges, asparagus and an avocado.

Once this kind of salad is prepared correctly and served, one serving will contain about 308 calories. Above that, it will have 317mg of sodium, 4g of fiber, 36mg of cholesterol, 15g of protein, 20g of carbohydrates and 19g of fat.

Another popular dish of this type is the chicken salad with mayonnaise. The ingredients involve 1 cup of mayonnaise, a tablespoon of paprika and the same amount of seasoning salt. Then, you are to add chopped pecans and celery, one cup of each. You will also need two green onions, chopped. Here, you will need two times more cooked chicken, in equal slices. Add pepper and one and a half cup of cranberries.

This meal will add 253 calories to your organism, as well as 42mg of cholesterol. As for the fat value, mayo chicken salad serving has approximately 16,2g.

An additional type of salad which is also very popular is the grilled chicken salad. Prepared with barbecue sauce, onions, celery, chicken breasts, sweet corn and bell pepper as well as fat-free mayonnaise, a single serving of this meal will have 168 calories, 34mg of cholesterol and a minimum of 2,2g of fat. All in all, different chicken salads offer different nutritional values so choose the one you like best, being aware of its effects on your body.

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