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Information on French Onion Soup

French onion soup contains beef broth and caramelized onionswhich are its key ingredients and it commonly yields somewhere around 80calories. The French onion soup is one of the most delectable soup recipes inthe whole world. It originates from the ancient France but it is now consumedall around the world on a regular basis.

It is known for its unique taste andflavor and it is commonly served with baked croutons and melted cheese.Nutritional value of each serving of the French onion soup may vary, dependingon the cooking method and the ingredients used for the preparation. TraditionalFrench soup has some important characteristic ingredients and those are beefstock or beef broth, caramelized onions, cheese and croutons. There are also afew flavoring spices.

One may also add certain other ingredients to suit theindividual taste. The optional ingredients include beef consume, variousdifferent types of culinary herbs, chicken broth, cognac, white wine andbutter. The nutritional value of the French onion soup will always be varied,depending on the amount of each of the aforementioned ingredients.

French onionsoup may also be purchased in a canned form in the frozen foods section of mostwell equipped grocery stores.

French Onion Soup Nutrition Facts

Nowadays, there are a growing number of people who are veryconscious about the nutritional and calorie value of the different types offood they consume. The taste is not the only priority anymore.

This can be saidfor most different types of soups, salads and sauces as well. The more fattyingredients one adds to the recipe for the French onion soup the more itscalorie value will be. Also the less fatty ingredients the soup contains theless calories it will have. The French onion soup is very rich in calories whenpurchased in its canned form.

One serving usually contains somewhere around 200calories. Homemade French onion soup can be prepared by using just the basic,simple ingredients in order to have approximately 80 calories per serving.

Thefats contribute around 27 calories. French onion soup ordered from a finerestaurant may have up to 545 calories per serving. French onion soup is anexcellent source of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. It is also very rich insugar and dietary fiber. Canned French onion soup should be avoided because itcontains certain potentially harmful ingredients.

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