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Stress and Creativity

Our brain works in most mysteriousways. Thus, we are often unaware of the processes going on inside it.Rather, we tend to misinterpret signs and ignore problems until theybecome too large to handle. The same is with stress. We are exposedto it daily, we let a great part of it go by, while it really stayswith us, torturing us beyond the levels of our consciousness.

Then, you need to learn how to get someinformation about your stress levels and how to know when you needhelp or lifestyle changes in order to bring back balance into yourlife. Sometimes this is obvious, while in some other, you have to digin a little deeper.

A Story about Abundance

In this life we have infinite choicesand variants of living. Therefore, we can all take certain paths inlife, some of which are positive and some of which are not, ending upin a different state of affairs. So, we are dealing with an abundanceof choices, some of which we manage to take hold of and many of thosewhich pass us by.

For example, one of the greatest waysof channeling stress is through art. It is a sort of therapy. Forexample, you might be asked, if you happen to take up drawing classesor similar activities, to draw a picture of you picking up applesfrom a tree.

Now, based on your drawing, manydifferent problems of your may become apparent. You might draw dozensof apples, reflecting your belief that there is an abundance ofchoices for you in life. On the other hand, you might end up drawinga single apple, which can be a sign of your belief that there is onlya limited number of choices for you.

Next, while drawing yourself, you mightcreate a drawing in which you are unable to grab or reach the apples.Also, you might draw exactly the opposite. This reflects your beliefsand expectations related with the choices you might or might nottake.

All in all, even though we are notaware, we have problems and we can express them through most peculiarways, like in the case mentioned above. Then, we need to stop andthink, reinforcing our self-esteem and mustering the will powernecessary to achieve all the goals we want.

Thus, in order to manage stress in yourlife, you have to be resourceful and have plenty of positive thingswhich will back off the negative ones. Make sure you have the willpower, the energy, the belief in yourself and all the other necessarythings for leading a stress-free and happy life.

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