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Introduction to ear congestion

When a person is suffering from ear congestion, they usually feel a stuffy sensation in the ear but usually, there is no pain involved, which is good.

Other symptoms of such a condition include crackling and popping sounds and problems hearing things clearly.

It is usually caused by a blockage occurring in the Eustachian tubes, which are the tubes that connect the middle ear and the pharynx. These tubes serve to ventilate the middle ear and to maintain pressure within the ear. The tubes are also used to drain secretion that has accumulated there.

The ear will feel stuffy when these tubes are congested and blocked off.


Ear congestion is usually related to nasal congestion, which usually occurs when a person is suffering from a cold or allergies.

It can also be related to sinus infections and the accompanying congestion.

People often experience ear congestion when flying, which results from sudden changes in air pressure.

Another common reason for ear congestion is an accumulation of wax and debris in the Eustachian tubes.


The treatment for ear congestion usually depends on what is causing the problem.

There are, however, simple remedies that can be done at home in order to get rid of the problem.

Swallowing and yawning regularly are good activities for clearing up the Eustachian tubes as is chewing gum.

Young children should not be give gum because they can swallow it so it is better to let them suck on lollipops, which will help with ear congestion as well.

Another simple home remedy to try is to swallow water while pinching the nose closed.

Another good thing to try is steam inhalation, which has been known to clear up these tubes and can get rid of both nasal congestion and ear congestion.

A hot bath has also been shown as an effective treatment for ear congestion.

If allergies are causing the problem, a person will probably have to take some antihistamines.

If earwax and debris is causing the problem, a person can take some warm olive oil, and put a few drops of it into the ear and let it sit there for a while to break up the wax so that it will be able to come out easily.

If an infection is causing the problem, then it is best to see a doctor, who will probably recommended antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs as well. Amoxicillin is usually recommended by physicians for treating both ear and sinus congestion.

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