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Characteristics of One's Nose

Our nose is the one of our most prominent features, especially if it is larger, wider, or specific in any different kind of way. People with large or extremely wide noses, as well as those who have some sort of deformation on this part of their face, get noticed more easily and are often victims of ridicule. Therefore, many people with nose problems develop some sorts of personality problems, leading to the extent of not wanting to show themselves in public, having troubles making new relationships etc. These people often decide to do something about their problem and this may even involve having a plastic surgery or undergoing some sort of cosmetic procedure.


Rhinoplasty is the name of the surgical procedure having nasal corrections as its main purpose. By subjecting to this medical approach people are able to modify any given aspects of their noses, including their length, shape, wideness, angle etc. Also, any deformities or anomalies are able to be fixed and removed during this procedure. For example, women with less feminine noses may make them more attractive by having the tip of their nose made more prominent. In the same respect, men who experience movement of the tip of their nose while they talk or laugh, may get this trait of theirs corrected through rhinoplasty.

Even though rhinoplasty usually deals with external nasal modifications, there are different procedures which may help people deal with some complications they experience inside their noses. These include breathing problems caused by deformations, previous surgeries, birth defects etc. These surgeries, called septal and turbinate, fix any problems one might have with air pathways, or any other factors blocking the inside of one's nose, making it hard for him or her to breathe. Usually, rhinoplasty is performed at the same time, making internal modifications invisible on the outside.

As for wide nostrils specifically, there is a special procedure dealing with it. Taking into consideration that, most often, wide nostrils are the main culprit when it comes to wide noses, these procedures often have nostril reduction and modification as their goals. Through making internal incisions, one's nostril is reduced, thus resulting in nose width reduction as well. More complicated procedures may involve external action as well.

Recovery Period and Other Facts

As for recovering from rhinoplasty, even if the patient has not subjected to any other kind of surgery, he or she will surely recover after 7 to 10 days. Nevertheless, physical activity and some medications are forbidden during the period of up to 6 weeks after the surgery. In fact, some pain killers and anti-inflammatory medications are forbidden to be taken even 10 days before the surgery.

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