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Hey there, pregnant lady! Yes, you! You are wondering how you will feel after giving birth, aren't you? If you are a first-time mom, you will have no idea what to expect, but you will want to focus on your new baby instead of after pains from your labor and delivery. If you are already an experienced mother, there might be some pains you remember from last time that you would rather avoid now. Well, we have some postpartum pain relief tips for you!

Tears or episiotomy scars can be such a pain to deal with, quite literally. If you want to avoid that burning feeling that makes you want to sink into the ground every time you pee, you'd be quite right. Postpartum urination can be horrible, but the problem is fixed quite easily as I found out after my second child was born. Get one of those peri bottles that squirt water, and spray water onto your lady parts every time you take a leak. There pain gone! Sore muscles are another common problem for moms who just gave birth. You have just done a master work out, so of course you are going to feel sore. Hot baths or showers, hot compresses and massages give some relief. Ultimately, it is time that will make this go away though. Sore and tender nipples are only to be expected for new moms who are breastfeeding. A proper latch in which the baby takes the whole areola in its mouth is the best prevention. Lanolin is a great natural cream that helps your nipples stay hydrated. Watch out, moms of several! The more often you have given birth, the greater the chance you will have after-birth uterine contractions that really hurt. They tend to strike while you are nursing. The only cure I have found so far is a nice old over the counter pain killer.

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