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Aromatherapy Basics

Different scents are known to affect someone’s behavior andalso his or her mood. Aromatherapy is based upon this principle and every essentialoil is used for its specific properties and effects it has to different areasof a human life.

Essential oils can be used to easy some physical discomfort andpains, but also to increase concentration or the energy when you need it. Also,these oils have been proved to positively affect the stamina and libido inpeople using them, and because of these effects essential oils have been usedsince ancient Egypt. Some sources claim that Cleopatra seduced Marc Antony withthe help of cinnamon, rose and cardamom essential oils.

Aromatherapy essential oils can be used on the skin, inhaledor used in baths. Also, you can add some essential oils to massage oils, showergels and creams or lotions and you will experience the same benefits. For inhalationof essential oils you can use steam inhalation, or you could place few drops ofthe oils on the tissue or some clean cloth and inhale it.

If you decide to use essential oil on the skin or in thebath, you must dilute it first with some carrier oil. Essential oils might betoo concentrated and cause skin irritation and that’s why you should mix itwith one ounce of carrier oil before adding to the warm bath or applying it onthe skin. Olive or sunflower oils you have in your house may suit you well ascarrier oils. Also, grapeseed oil, avocado, jojoba or sweet almond oils areother great carrier oils that can be mixed with essential oils.

Essential Oils that Affect Libido

Scents can affect our memory and bring as back to certainpoint of time. That’s because areas of emotions and memory are connected to thesense of smell, so when we smell something familiar our brain recognizes it andassociates with past events.

Some essential oils can do more than just that, and they areable to relax you and put you in sensual mood, and therefore affect your love andsexual relations. Essential oils such as rose, vanilla and ylang ylang arefrequently used to promote positive effects in love and sexuality. Jasmine,clove and clary sage essential oils can also be placed in diffusers or massagedinto the skin and they will certainly produce positive results. Bergamot, cedarwood and ginger are additionalessential oils you might want to try out in your bedroom to enhance your loveand sexual life.

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