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Are you wondering what Christmas gift to get for a pregnant friend or relative? When someone is pregnant, it is easy to focus on that baby bump and forget about the mother. Of course, any pregnant woman would be happy with thoughtful gifts for her new baby cute little outfits, a nice rattle, or anything else that shows you care. But when you are shopping for Christmas gifts for an expectant mom, don't forget about her! What are great Christmas gifts for pregnant ladies?

If you want to give your pregnant friend, relative, or co-worker something pregnancy related, remember that both Christmas and pregnancy are in a way times for indulgence. When you are pregnant, and sometimes feeling a bit rough, receiving a gift that says "I care about you and how you feel" is really nice. A voucher for a spa makes a beautiful prezzie for a pregnant mom. If you want to get massage gift cards, do remember to check if the spa center is qualified to give massages to pregnant women. Natural soaps and oils, or a beautiful smelling body butter, are also great gifts. It's true that they are a bit cliche, but I think they are wonderful presents. Why? Everyone loves to take care of their bodies, but during pregnancy it can be all too easy and even tempting to forget all about yourself and just shop for your baby.

Hardly anyone would buy luxurious body products for themselves, especially while they are expecting a baby. But everyone loves having these products. A nice handbag, bracelet, or earrings also make great gifts. It's better to avoid clothing because maternity clothes won't last, and you don't know what her size will be after she gives birth. You can also consider getting some trinket for around the house, or something for the kitchen. At Christmas, I think it is most important to pamper the mother, because after baby arrives, everyone will be pampering the baby! Also see celebrating Christmas with a newborn, and due around Christmas? Should you throw a Christmas party?

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