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The Poison Called Society

Society can be contagious with some of its traits, sticking onto you until you are completely overwhelmed.Namely, negative people, negative viewpoints and many other  can contract only from being a part of a certain society bearw of the power of these factors. Therefore, you need to  social contagion is and how to fight it successfully. Read ons the following lines will provide some crucial information  as advice on how to modify your lifestyle, becoming immune to these social problems.

Getting Deeper into Social Contagion

By definition, social contagion is the phenomenon of transferring moods from one individual to another, as if these were contagious diseases. This is true and happens every single second in the world. Emotions, whether positive or negative,can easily spread through a vast majority of people, if they are conducted well. However, usually, only negative emotions are contagious enough to truly make an impact on a larger portion.

Violence is the most contagious thing of them all. All the hooligan behavior and the angry mob phenomenon, are connected to the fact that violence is very contagious and itt from one person to another in no time. However, looking it on the bright side, we realize that smiling or laughing have the same traits. Also, yawning is also considered contagious. On the other hand,crying, depression and anger can easily be distributed and  a greater number of people in a short period of time.

All this imitation of emotions or actions take place due to neurological activity in our brains and  of our organism. Once someone yawns, for example, if we  to him/her our mirror neurons “copy” the process and we are likely to replicate it right afterwards.

Another interesting thing which  be replicated in the masses are psychosomatic symptoms.Basically, if the crowds are introduced with an information that  disease exists and are given the symptoms of it, they  to start experiencing them and seeking help, even though thea illness is purely fictional.

All in all, there are a lot  things which happen to us. Social contagion is just one   However, it is a very interesting phenomenon which deserves tob looked into further.

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