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What is social anxiety?

People who are uncomfortable around others or in some specific social situations need to work on that problem and solve it. Social anxiety can be manifested in different ways, but it always affects person’s life and self-esteem. This type of anxiety can be the reason for problems at work, home, with friends or partner. It may seem for the sufferer that the problem he or she has is extremely big, but social anxiety can be solved and there are few ways that are helpful in overcoming it. Going to the therapy and social skill training are giving the best results, and sometimes you can try to use medications, though they will not solve the problem permanently.

Social anxiety is a disorder that includes tremendous fear or tension when one is in a social situation. This condition is also characterized by negative anticipation and worry about upcoming social situations. Sufferer will sometimes even do everything to avoid disturbing social situation. Fear that they feel can affect their body and cause lightheadedness, irregular heart beat and sometimes even panic attacks.
Ways to fight against social anxiety

The cause of social anxiety is in your head, and by changing your way of thinking you can help yourself, even without medicines. You can, for example, learn how to control your reaction to fear. To gain this kind of control is not hard, it just needs to be practiced. You can try to prepare for the upcoming situation and lower the possibilities to do something wrong. It is better to spend your time on preparing yourself than on worrying that you could make some kind of mistake.

It is also important not to run away from fearful situations if there is no objective reason for fear. The more you are putting yourself in situations that awaken your anxiety, the higher the chances are for your anxiety to disappear. There are trainings in assertiveness, which can be very helpful for you and teach you how to behave and what to say in different social situations. You can also try to be socially active in other ways. There is a variety of groups that are active and you can become a member of one of them, because that will help you to improve your social skills and you will regain your self-confidence.
Very important advice is to think positively and to get rid of those awful negative expectations, which are only pulling you down. Remember that you are the one who is in control of your thoughts and those thoughts are responsible for your emotions. That means that, if your thoughts are negative, your emotions will be negative also.
So, try to think positively and feed yourself with positive messages. It will help you to be motivated in fighting your fears.

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