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Unpleasant and persistent

The occurrence of a rash on a person's chest can cause a lot of itching and discomfort. A rash may be a tell tale sign signaling the presence of some other more serious condition or illness such as an allergy or viral infection. When it comes to those specific varieties of rash, a person should pay close attention to the nature of the rash itself with regards to its appearance, size, color and precise location. What is also important is to determine the specific time the rash occurred, as well as what may have caused the rash outbreak.

Causes most likely to bring about chest rash

Aside paying close attention to what has been mentioned in the section above, one should also be on the lookout for the following factors that can be responsible for initiating the chest rash outburst.

Stress/anxiety – perhaps most commonly blamed culprits are, bouts of anxiety and being put in stressful situations. One can easily develop an itchy rash on the chest if these situations occur.Contact dermatitis falls into the category of allergies that are initiated by a specific irritant, which is visible in the form of a rash befalling the person’s chest, as well as in the form of a dry itchy skin. Considered to be to most frequent irritant-culprits are soaps, perfume, lotions, sunscreen, hair products, nickel jewelry, detergents and dyes.Atopic dermatitis – in the shape of either eczema and/or psoriasis, has the tendency to cause an itchy chest rash, accompanied by the occurrence of a dry skin rash befalling the entire body.Photodermatitis has the potential of causing this specific rash after the person has been exposed to sun for a long period of time, and especially in those persons who have sensitive skin. The best way to guard oneself from this is by staying away from direct sunlight from 11am until 3pm, when sun is considered to be most dangerousChicken pox belongs to the category of viral diseases and is the one that initiates the occurrence of tiny itchy bumps on the person’s face and chest, extending downward. Children can get over this disease much easier with much fewer manifestations than adults.

Effective aids used in the treatment of the rashes are essential oils, ice cubes, Aloe Vera, St. John’s Wort and baking powder

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