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Even though skin rash and fever may occur individuals and not be both characteristics of the same illness, there are diseases which actually characterized by specific skin rash and accompanying fever. The presence of both can be easily brought into connection with certain conditions and make the process of diagnosing easier.

In case one develops rash and is affected by 'toxic' fever accompanied by prostration he/she must be immediately examined because there is a chance he/she has developed some life-threatening infection or illness. The very appearance of skin rash, its distribution and the way it occurs and further spread may be of major importance when making differential diagnosis.

Conditions Characterized by Rash and Fever

Viral Exanthems

Viral exanthem is a type of rash predominantly affecting children. As the name suggest this rash is associated with viral infection, but there are different viruses capable of initiating this type of skin rash. as far as children are concerned, viral exanthem is a characteristic of measles, rubella, chicken pox and may as well occur in case of mononucleosis, fifth disease, roseola and adenovirus infections. Fever is also present but its degree varies according to the condition. Viral exanthems are not severe and withdraw spontaneously within 10 days.

Drug Reactions

Some forms of allergic reactions may develop in a form of fever and skin rash. This is, for instance, reported in case of immune complex disease and serum sickness.


this is severe and potentially life-threatening infection of blood stream caused by Neisseria meningitidis. the bacteria enters the blood stream and is blamed for a variety of symptoms and sign two of which are fever and skin rash. Skin rash is characteristic occurring as large areas of bleeding under the skin known as purpura.

Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever

This infectious disease is transmitted via tick bites. it develops after one contract Rickettsia rickettsii, an infectious agents capable of causing skin rash, fever and many other symptoms all of which typically develop 2-14 days after the tick bite. this can be very serious disease, sometimes even blamed fro DIC. Skin rash is initially in a form of pink macules that evolve within 10-24 hours into red papules. Eventually almost the entire body gets covered with purpuric macules and violaceous patches.

Toxic Shock Syndrome

This life-threatening condition is associated with toxin originating from certain bacteria that have entered the body. fever develops rapidly and the skin as well as mucous membranes become affected by a morbilliform rash. In 1-3 weeks the person develops palmar/solar desquamation.

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