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Facts about Chest Rash

Many various diseases, injuries, disorders or medical conditions can cause chest rash, which is a very common condition nowadays. People who experience the skin rash may notice some changes in their skin nature, texture and color. If you happen to have skin rash on the chest, you should visit a doctor immediately as it tends to affect a variety of features such as itchiness, pain, swelling, blisters and dryness of the skin. This condition can be caused due to the HIV infection, fever, dry skin, problems with digestive or respiratory system, or it can be caused by some other medical condition that doesn`t even have anything in common with skin problems.


Chest rash can be caused by a variety of reasons and one of the most common causes is heat rash, also called prickly rash, sweat rash or Miliaria. This rash is usually caused by the bacteria called Staphylococcus epidermidis. However, it can also occur as a result of the trapped sweat inside the sweat glands. This type of rash is the usual cause of the itchy chest rash in children, and in case you experience this type of chest rash, you can use some creams that will reduce the itchiness. Another cause of chest rash is contact dermatitis, which usually causes the chest and neck rash when the allergens that irritate the skin come in contact with the skin. This condition requires an immediate visit to the doctor, as this condition can cause the poison ivy rash or poisonous oak rash, which have to be cured with specific medications.

One more cause of chest rash is seborrheic dermatitis. The real cause of this condition is still unknown, but it causes the skin to become inflamed, which can occur in various parts of the body, but mainly on the torso, chest and face. Chickenpox and measles are two more causes of chest rash and they both can be cured with the use of certain medications. Chickenpox usually causes blisters on the skin, while the measles cause face and chest rash and they can sometimes appear inside the mouth, which can be very uncomfortable and painful.

Next cause of the chest rash is a genetic skin disorder or ichthyosis, which is a group of at least 28 different skin disorders. Its symptoms are usually itchy, dry or scaly skin that can be seen on the torso and head in most cases. If you experience the ichthyosis, you can apply some recommended creams to reduce the itchiness. Another cause of this condition is a diaper rash, and it is usually a result of the diaper rubbing on the gentle healthy or infected skin of the baby. In case your baby has a diaper rash, you should take it to a pediatrician and s/he will prescribe certain creams that will reduce the itchiness.

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