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Itchy skin, medically known as pruritus, is a quite irritating and uncomfortable sensation. It is not a medical condition per se but represents a characteristic of many different diseases. Even though itching skin occurs due to numerous skin conditions it can also develop as a consequence of illnesses or disorders of other organs and organ systems. The skin may appear normal or in some cases itchy sensation accompanies other skin changes such as rash, rough skin, bumps and blisters. The skin is also usually red.

What Are Causes of Itching Skin All Over Body?

In majority of cases itching skin all over affects people with dry skin (xerosis). Furthermore, intensive itchy skin all over occurs in people suffering from eczema. Even though eczema affects localized portions of the skin it may in some cases spread to the entire body. The problem is also typical for chickenpox and measles. In case of measles and chickenpox there are characteristic skin lesion that at first develop on predilection places and then spread to the entire body.

It is essential to mention that not only skin disorders cause itchy skin all over. The problem may also occur in several other illnesses that affect other organs and organ systems. For example, itchy skin affects patients suffering from jaundice, the liver disease that develops due to hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) or liver cirrhosis. The itchy sensation is a consequence of accumulation of bile acids in the skin.

Even kidney disorder may eventually cause itchy skin all over. Namely, since kidneys do not function properly they do not eliminate all the toxins from the body. The presence of such toxins is responsible for itchy sensation.

Itching skin all over also affects patients suffering from thyroid dysfunction. Both conditions, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism cause changes to the skin and may be associated with itchy sensation.

And finally, itchy skin all over affects people with certain allergies. For example, allergy to Aspirin develops in a form of itchy sensation and specific skin lesions. Antibiotics and antifungal drugs are two more groups of medications associated with allergic reactions and itchy skin all over. The problem may also develop as a result of exposure to certain irritants or chemicals.

Treatment for Itchy Skin All Over Body

It is necessary to first identify the underlying cause of itching all over. If the problem occurs due to skin dryness it can be easily brought under control with the use of proper moisturizing creams and lotions. Other conditions require proper treatment (corticosteroid creams, topical or oral antihistamines, light therapy-phototherapy etc.) and in case itchy skin develops due to an allergy once the symptoms and sign of the allergy are treated and brought under control it is significant to prevent repeated exposure to an allergen and in this way prevent the recurrence of the problem.

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