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The Damages of Alcohol

Consumingalcohol has been documented to have damaging effects to the internal health and externalappearance, and its effects can be extreme and long lasting. Drinking vast amountsof alcohol can lead to bloating of the face and the belly, with the belly bloating beinga long term effect. The ’’beer belly’’ effect, as it is commonly called, is aproduct of the wheat and grain from alcoholic beverages creating gas in yourintestines. Another form of bloating can be related to weight gain, as alcoholcontains many empty calories, leading to consumers of alcohol not realizing howmany calories they have taken in.

Otheradverse conditions such as broken veins, reddening of the skin, dry skin orbruising have all been tied to excessive alcohol use. Drinking enough alcoholcan even lead to the scent of alcohol secreting through the body throughsweat, urine or even breathe, a long time after consumption.

The negative effects alcohol can have to the body and physicalappearance are often neglected.

Curing Alcohol Bloating

There aremany methods for curing alcohol bloating, most of them similar to the methods forcuring hangovers. These include.

• Eating well before alcoholconsumption – Doing this reduces the chance of gas formation and bloating.

• Avoidance of Binge Drinking - Bingedrinking can affect physical appearance severely, and can cause multiplenegative side effects besides bloating. Therefore it is recommended to avoidbinge drinking entirely.

• Increasing water consumption – Thisassists in avoiding bloating, by improving digestive health after alcohol consumptionand reducing stomach gas production.

• Medicaments - Medication such asBeano, Alka Seltzer, and Midol tablets can help with relieving the bloating sideeffects.

• Physical Activity – Walking, exercisingand yoga are all known to assist in relieving alcohol bloating.

• Avoidance of bloating foods – Eating foodsuch as broccoli, cabbage and wheat and grain products can cause bloating.

• Acupressure – Certain acupressurepoints on the little finger can help with relieving bloating. This can be achieved by holding and pressingthe tip of the little finger on each hand for around five minutes. This procedure shouldbe done three times per day.

• Water and Epsom Salt Bath -Alukewarm water and Epsom salt bath helps in dealing with bloating and gas, withan hour long soak being the recommended amount of time spent in the tub for the positive effects to function.

• Avoidance of excessive air swallowing - Chewing gum, smoking and the consumption of aerated beveragescan cause the intake of large amounts of air, which increases the bloatingeffects.

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