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Alcohol Side-effect

We all know that alcohol can be very bad for our health. That is why alcoholism is called an illness, due to excessive consumption of alcohol beverages. Alcohol destroys one's organism gradually, once he/she indulges into in excessively. Many parts of our body get affected by alcohol. Some of these are liver, kidneys and, quite often, the heart. The main problem related to the heart, stemming from excessive alcohol abuse, is high blood pressure or, medically called hypertension. Alcohol makes people more stressed and has numerous negative influences on our cardiovascular health. Alcohol-induced blood pressure problems are not to be neglected and one should stop consuming these beverages once these problems appear.

How Can Alcohol Damage Your Heart?

Almost everything related to alcohol effect your arteries. For instance, the alcohol itself contains a lot of calories, which make your blood vessels thicker. In time, you become obese, due to alcohol abuse, thus causing your blood vessels to be even more constricted. Finally, kidney dysfunction, being one of many side-effects of constant alcohol abuse, often leads to artery pressure. All these factors lead to a rise in your blood pressure and heart damage in the long run.

Statistics show that alcoholics have higher blood pressure than those who do not drink alcohol. Also, there are more cases of heart conditions with alcoholics than with non-alcoholics. Of course, this may vary from one individual to another. Still, old people and women are more prone to developing heart problems due to alcohol abuse.

For all these reasons and plenty more, excessive alcohol consumption must cease before it is too late. In order to make all the withdrawal symptoms milder, you are advised to decrease your alcohol consumption gradually, feeling your blood pressure being more stable and significantly lower. Those who cannot stop drinking on their own are best to be admitted to a rehabilitation facility where they can be treated by professionals and get rid of this terrible addiction. As soon as you stop consuming alcohol in previous quantities, your blood pressure will start getting more and more stable, bearing witness of the alcohol itself being the main culprit behind your cardiovascular problems.

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