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Although it may sound impossible to some people, particularly to those who prefer consuming alcohol on special and less special occasions, there are people who do not tolerate alcohol at all. And by that we do not mean that they get drunk easily. Instead they experience a number of symptoms that are quite uncomfortable even after the first sip. Such symptoms usually begin with nasal congestion accompanied by flushing and red skin, while other possible signs are difficulty in breathing due to the throat constriction, runny nose, vomiting, heartburn, pain in the abdomen, swelling of the tongue or lips, rapid heartbeat and headache. If a person suffers from asthma, drinking alcohol can be particularly dangerous because the primary condition may seriously worsen.

Still, even though some of these symptoms resemble the symptoms of allergic reactions, alcohol intolerance is not an actual allergy. Sometimes, there may be a reaction to some ingredient in the beverage, not to alcohol, but it is best to consult the doctor before the symptoms aggravate. If the person ignores the symptoms, the consequences can be very serious and sometimes even fatal.

Alcohol Intolerance Sounds Unbelievable to Some

The reason why a person will develop symptoms of alcohol intolerance is related to the lack of a particular enzyme in the body, due to which the body is not able to metabolize the toxins released after alcohol consumption. In the majority of cases, this is a genetic condition, meaning that it is inherited, cannot be acquired and there is no cure for it. Still, it is not impossible that certain chemicals or ingredients from the beverage provoke intolerance reaction, which is particularly the case with wine or beer. The same reaction can be a result of a combination of certain medications and alcohol. Very rarely extremely strong pain after drinking is a sign of some serious underlying disorder, like Hodgkin’s lymphoma, for example.

When it comes to treatment, as it has already been said, there is no cure for this condition. The only way alcohol intolerance symptoms can be avoided is to abstain from alcohol. For people who know that they are only allergic to some of ingredients, it is enough to avoid beverages that contain the ingredient in question. The scientists have been investigating the missing enzyme, and it is believed that it is possible to find a solution to this problem, but the research is still in its initial stage.If you can Tolerate Alcohol There are Benefits to Stop Drinking It

There is a huge difference between drinking regularly and drinking occasionally. Certain negative effects of alcohol can be visible after some time, which is the main reason why people change their lifestyle when such problems are met. People simply do not need to develop such problems, so they do what they can to make the situation more bearable.

It is essential to remember that, in some specific situations, drinking may be potentially dangerous and harmful. Moderate drinking does not pose significant threat, but something more than that can be a problem. What needs to be mentioned it that every sixth woman and third man drink more than occasionally. Some problems and conditions can be avoided by eliminating alcohol from your diet. Those diseases are pancreas damage (acute or chronic pancreatitis), some cancers, cirrhosis, problems with the heart, sexual problems and several others. Since drinking causes problems while waking up, quitting drinking will help you to rise earlier and have a clear head. The main reason why you should avoid drinking is a reduction in risk for developing some diseases. Basically, the body will become much stronger, thus making it more difficult for the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to wind their way. Quitting drinking can bring emotional benefits as well. A person may start to see himself/herself more respectively, to assist others, be worthy of love and give love to others. Problems like bad appetite can also be eliminated and muscle tone can be improved. One may additionally reduce body weight. Think about the time you have lost because of drinking. You may have used those hours for spending quality time with your family, reading a book, playing with your kids and many other more significant activities.

Remember that, when you quit drinking, this is something you, and only you have done. If you have beaten this problem with your will, you should make sure that drinking problem does not return. This can significantly improve self-respect, which may additionally strengthen your desire to quit drinking for good.

All in all, people who are suffering from alcohol intolerance are never supposed to consume alcohol while others may drink but only moderately. Not only will the excess of alcohol cause dependence and lead to addiction, it will also initiate severe damage to many organs and organ system in the long run. So, drink occasionally and in moderation and keep your body and mind healthy and functioning properly.

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