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Since the beginning of wine existence, since the process of grape fermentation first led to the creation of this epic alcoholic beverage, people have wondered whether it is good for their health or not. Namely, even though grapes have numerous benefits for our health and many of these are transferred into wine too, the alcoholic content of wine has always been a matter of dispute. Yet, the answer to the healthiness of wine lies in a single notion - moderate consumption.

Wine and Health

There are two major types of wines, red and white. Basically, both of these are good for consumption when consumed in moderation. However, red wine is known to be healthier than the white one. Moreover, in order to get the most out of wine's benefits, you are advised to drink this beverage during your meals. This way, wine keeps your heart healthy and your blood clear from clots. Also, it prevents kidney stones and is quite rich in antioxidants and flavonoids.

Yet, not everything is wonderful about wine. Namely, if you do not know your limits when it comes to wine consumption, your organism is likely to suffer from osteoporosis, especially if you are a woman in her early 20s. Moreover, heart diseases, libido, muscular and nervous damage, mental problems, menstrual imbalance and many other health issues may strike people who cannot control themselves when it comes to wine consumption, going overboard often.

Two glasses of wine daily is considered to be normal for men. Women, on the other hand can benefit from a single glass a day. Anything more than that is bound not to be healthy, both for male and female drinkers.

Wine, Heart and the Liver

Interestingly enough, wine keeps one's heart safe from heart attacks. Also, it keeps strokes at bay. Women in their 40s and men with cardiovascular problems can benefit from wine consumption greatly. Also, wine contains elements which protect the lining of the heart's blood vessels, preventing damage and reducing bad cholesterol levels, while, at the same time, increasing good cholesterol levels. All in all, enjoying a glass of your favorite drink during meals is recommended.

As for the liver, wine protects it as well, reducing chances of liver diseases significantly. Therefore, if you are smart enough to know your limits when it comes to wine consumption, you are guaranteed to benefit from this beverage. Stay healthy, drink in moderation and enjoy the unique, revitalizing and refreshing taste of wine.

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