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Alcohol drinking has plenty of side effects and is associated with numerous imbalances in the body. One of them is an increase in the level of triglycerides. There are different ways of how alcohol may raise the level of triglycerides in the body. For instance, the very alcohol beverages are the major source of excess calories which are easily transformed into fat. This subsequently increases the level of triglycerides. Also, alcohol drinking is closely connected with inhibition of the process of burning fat, another contributor of excess of triglycerides. So before having another drink, think twice whether it will have more damage to the body than it will perhaps bring you some kind of pleasure.

Alcohol Consumption and Triglycerides

It is estimated the alcohol can slow down metabolism of fat by more than 30% which is sufficient enough to increase the level of triglycerides. This can be explained in several ways. Namely, when there is alcohol in the blood, the liver is firstly engaged in removal of alcohol from the body and then returns to its normal metabolic processes including metabolizing fat. While the liver is occupied with alcohol some substances such as glucose may be processed into triglycerides, increasing their amount in the blood. It is also proven that alcohol spurs the liver to synthesize more triglycerides. This fact is obvious in case of heavy drinking, but it also affects light drinkers.

One more indicator of connection between alcohol and high triglycerides is fatty liver disease. This is a medical condition that develops in people who consume lots of alcohol. In them the organ is affected by large deposits of triglycerides. If left untreated and with no discontinuation of drinking, the condition may easily progress into liver cirrhosis.

What to Do?

It is easy to check whether person's triglycerides are normal or elevated by a simple blood test. Once the condition is confirmed, after a consultation with a physician, one should start with specific dietary changes. This also includes restriction of alcohol consumption. By being aware of all the detrimental effects of high triglycerides, one may try to bring the condition under control and prevent all the associated complications.

People who drink on a daily bases or tend to exaggerate when it comes to drinking are supposed to completely abstain from alcohol. Or there is another option, to drink in moderation. This means that one should not have more than one or two drinks per night and try not to drink every night. Complete abstinence is the best solution.

Unfortunately, if one has already developed alcohol dependence, he/she must have more complex treatment which firstly deals with the addiction and then takes care of all the additional health issues.

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