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Sunburned skin

How many times have we been sunburned due to prolong exposure to the sun’s rays? For example, when we are on vacation at the seaside during the summer months, we cannot always avoid the pleasure of sun bathing while playing on the beach. We can protect ourselves with various sunburn products, but continued exposure to the sun can cause sunburned skin.

The skin tends to absorb the sun’s rays and when this absorption is moderate we get tanned. However, if the exposure to the sun is quite long, burns may appear and they can be mild or severe, and quite painful as well. Apart from pain, other symptoms may appear, such as itchy skin, skin rash and swollen eyelids.

Since the face is the part of the body which is always exposed to the environmental factors, it is the most prone to get sunburned. Nevertheless, when this skin condition happens, there are several remedies which are said to be beneficial for the effective treatment of sunburned skin.

Remedies for sunburned skin

There are many products in the market which are constantly promoted to be powerful in treating sunburned skin, but many people opt for home remedies instead of lotions or creams.

One herbal remedy for sunburned skin is aloe vera, which is especially good for treating the affected skin on the face. It is recommended to use aloe vera juice or simply to rub the crushed leaves of this plant on the burnt skin. Potatoes and tomatoes are also very potent in curing sunburned skin and these vegetables are almost always at hand. The people with this skin condition should apply the juice of these vegetables on the affected area, or just rub these vegetables o the skin. The healing of the sunburned skin can be done with applying cold milk since it contains fatty acid and lactic acid, which have a positive impact on the sunburned skin. When the eyelids or lips are sunburned, many experts recommend that the best remedy is to put wet tea bags on the eyelids. Massaging the affected skin with coconut oil is also one of the ways to get rid of the sunburned skin, although honey and cucumber are also considered to be very good for relieving the discomforts in question.However, it is always better to take some precautions and some preventive measures before going out when the sun shines strongly.

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