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Life Doubles Stress for Women

Even though we all live hectic livestrying to provide everything for our families and do our best in order to advancein our careers, some of us work more than the others. Namely, mosthuman families are still unable to cast away their patriarchal ways,leaving women with more work than men. Thereby, women work theirregular jobs during the day, while still being in charge of thefamily's nutrition and the well-being of her children. Of course,this is not always the case. However, we will rarely see men changingbaby diapers, dusting or doing the laundry in marriages. Rather, awoman is supposed to have all these aspects of a household covered,in combination with her day job. This causes plenty of stress and aconstant feeling of need to fulfill tiring obligations. When we arein such a demanding state of affairs, adrenal glands above ourkidneys put our body into a stress fighting mode which, if used toooften causes constant fatigue and exhaustion. Thus, we should notlive under constant stress, since this can have serious negativeeffects upon our body and mind.

Adrenal Fatigue: Reasons andManifestations

As mentioned above, constant exposureto stress and negative emotions such as fear, worry, sadness,dissatisfaction, despair and other, all can lead to overproduction ofadrenaline in our organism causing constant fatigue and some otherside-effects. Namely, once experiencing adrenal fatigue ourconcentration is impaired, we cannot sleep well or sufficiently and ourimmunity drops as well as our sex drive. Also, our body temperatureis lowered, we tend to crave for salty and sweet food and can gainweight. Women may also experience numerous menstrual complicationsall caused by this tiresome states of mind provoked by the adrenalfatigue.

What Is To Be Done?

First and foremost, you are to removeall that is causing stress in your life. If this is due to some lifeproblems, solve them or make compromises which will cause you to stopbeing burdened by them. Also, introduce physical activity into yourlife. This will help you let it all out and channel your frustrationsin a constructive way. Alternatively you can relax by listening tothe music you like, or practicing breathing exercises as well asmeditating.

Secondly, proper diet is crucial. Thus,try not to indulge into cigarettes, coffee, alcohol and especiallydrugs in order to provide yourself with stress release. Rather,introduce vitamins, minerals, proteins, omega3 acids and healthy fatinto your daily nutrition. Eat low-fat meat like fish or chicken,along with vegetables, fruit and all other natural types of food.Avoid processed or fast food. Strong immunity results in strong mind.By eating right you will fight stress better and live healthier. Donot let life take the best of you, but make it suit your needs so asto make you happy and satisfied no matter what.

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