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Adrenal fatigue is the condition when the adrenal glands produceless adrenal hormones than normally. People suffering from this condition usuallyfeel extreme fatigue (hence the name of the condition), and also tiredness,apathy and immune system impairments. Adrenal gland has the responsibility tosecrete many bodily hormones (including sexual hormones, epinephrine andcortisol) and because of that adrenal fatigue should not be taken lightly.

Common medicine doesn’t consider adrenal fatigue as medicalproblem and therefore there are no treatments for the condition. Also, manybelieve that this condition is just a term, invented by the pharmaceuticalindustry, to sell more supplements. Alternative medicine, however, considersthis an important medical problem and suggests using some natural treatment foradrenal fatigue. Keep in mind that adrenal insufficiency and Addison’s diseasearen’t the same condition as adrenal fatigue.

Alternative medicine considers lack ofrest, increased stress and some other challenging life circumstances as thecauses of adrenal fatigue. Many naturopaths will recommend you to find thereason behind your problem and eliminate it. Sometimes, there might be noactual cause of stress, but some problems in your life can also cause thiscondition. Consider everything in your life and your reaction to discover the rootof adrenal fatigue.


Lifestyle changes are important whenyou want to get rid of the adrenal fatigue. Decrease the stress in your life,taking regular breaks while working, simplifying the life and eating healthyand regularly. Specialists advise to eat slowly and always chew your food well.Take your time and enjoy your meal. Physical activity can also help reducingthe stress, so it is recommended to exercise regularly. Any physical activityyou enjoy and anything fun for you on a daily basis will be helpful tominimize the stress. Sleep is also beneficial. People that don’t sleep enoughcan also experience adrenal fatigue, so make sure to go to bed early in theevening and sleep at least 7 hours every day.


Organic food, whole wheat, coldpressed oils, sea salt, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are therecommendation for people suffering from adrenal fatigue. Food that should beavoided include: refined sugar, caffeine, chocolate, junk food, high sodiumfood, and white carbohydrates.


Herbalists recommend several differentsupplements to people experiencing constant fatigue, such as: flax oil,rhodiola, wild yam and ginseng. Taking some extra vitamins, in a form ofmultivitamin tablets or just vitamins B, C or E is always a good idea to fightadrenal fatigue. You can also use omega 3 fatty acids or pregnenolone supplementsto help you with these symptoms.

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