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What is Life Extension?

Life extension or anti-aging encompasses a branch of medicine and medical products which are to reverse the process of aging, slowing it down and prolonging our healthy life in general. Stem cell rejuvenation, molecular repair, organ replacement are all projects which hold great promise for the future, helping people live longer.

Also, we have many products on the market, which advocate anti-aging through nutrition, physical fitness, hormone replacement and various natural and synthetic supplements. However, many people claim that these do not help people live longer, nor that they make it possible for one to slow down his/her inevitable aging process and the symptoms which go hand-in-hand with it.

Nevertheless, countless individuals undergo processes such as plastic surgeries, making their skin or body look younger.

Anti-Aging Reality of the Present

Today, surgical procedures which claim to be capable of reversing age are more popular than ever. Namely, several decades ago, plastic surgery was a taboo reserved only for the rich and famous. Yet, now, people spend millions of dollars bringing their youth back through Botox injections, tummy tucks, face jobs and all other means of plastic surgeries. However, once you look in the mirror one morning and realize that years have gone by, leaving marks on your face and body, there is a healthier alternative that can cross your mind, speaking of stopping or reversing your aging process.

Anti-Aging Lifestyle Check

First of all, you need to ask yourself whether you are eating the right food. In the past, fruit and vegetables were a basic part of human nutrition. Today, however, these belong to the margins of our diet, being eaten as desserts or being totally left out. However, five portions of fruit and vegetables a day will deliver anti-oxidants to your body, fighting off the free radicals which speed up the aging process.

Secondly, think about your physical activity. Your body is tightly connected to your mind, emotional being and many other aspects of your existence. Thus, all of these factors need to be in perfect state for you to truly be healthy and look as youthful as possible. Introduce yoga, pilates, acupuncture and other means of alternative, holistic medicine in your life. Keep your blood pumping with aerobic and anaerobic exercises practiced at least three times a week.

Additionally, you need to keep your mind free of excessive stress. Stress makes us age quickly. Meditation, yoga, hobbies and many other activities can make you relaxed and free from stress.

Socialize, having, building and nurturing relationships with other people. Surround yourself with positive and happy individuals, being such yourself, keeping the signs of aging at bay.

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