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A Potentially Dangerous Bone Condition

Osteopenia is a condition connected to the bones. Namely, once a person suffers from this disease, he or she has a low bone density. However, these density levels are not low enough for the condition to be called osteoporosis. Rather, this is a milder variant. Nevertheless, the some steps need to be taken against osteopenia, since, if neglected and ignored, it can easily evolve into the formerly mentioned illness. Fortunately, osteopenia is treatable through making some lifestyle changes, mainly regarding proper exercising in order to make your bones stronger, more flexible and denser. Secondly, in order to benefit from any given physical exercise, you need to ensure a proper diet. Therefore, you will need magnesium, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin K as standard additions to your nutrition, since these are quite beneficial for the health and overall well-being of your bones.

As for the physical activities, these can all be safely performed in the privacy of your home. All you need is some good will and persistence, and a good workout program, adequate for these purposes. These may range all the way from sports to climbing the stairs or jogging and are all equally important for the health of your bones and your recovery from this bothersome condition. Thus, without further ado, let us begin.

Workout Program Against Osteopenia

The first exercise involves you taking a chair which has a high back rest and placing it near a wall, making enough place for you to stand in between. Then, while turning your back against the wall, lift one of your legs and place it on the chair. Do this so that your shin is parallel to the floor beneath you. After achieving this, you are to hold this position for as long as you feel comfortable. Upon experiencing any discomfort, lower your leg into the initial position and perform the same with your other leg. The average, initial period of holding the above mentioned position is about 10 minutes. However, in time, you will be able to prolong it, as your bones grow stronger.

Secondly, osteopenia reduces bone coordination. In order to prevent this, grab a ball, throw it into the air and catch it. Perform this exercise regularly and repeatedly. This way, you will keep your bones and muscles in good shape.

Finally, weight lifting is one of the best physical activities against osteopenia. Thus, start with small weights and work your way as you grow stronger. Nevertheless, before indulging into this process, consult with your doctor and ask him or her about the proper exercise your body is bound to benefit from.

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