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Improving your self esteem

Definition of self-esteem

From our early childhood we begin to create a picture about ourselves. That picture is about our traits, looks, faults and virtues and it is called self-image. We create our self-image according to messages we receive from our parents and other important people from our surrounding. Self-image or mental picture takes part in building our self-esteem, which is related to our feeling of belongings, acceptations, and valuation that we receive from others, but it is also connected with how much we love and appreciate ourselves. Individuals with healthy self-esteem value themselves and their own accomplishments, but on the other hand, those with poor self-esteem are overwhelmed with feeling of incompetence in everything they do. We all sometimes have or had problems with our self-esteem, which is particularly present during the period of early adolescence when young individuals are trying to find their place in the world. Once built self-esteem, it is not unchangeable. It can be changed over time, which is good for those who have poor self-esteem.

Problems with self-esteem

First you should know that your self-esteem depends on the treatment that you get from others and on the opinion you have about yourself. It is of high importance for children to be valued by their parents, teachers and other important figures in their lives. Those kids who are often criticized by their parents are much harder to build a positive self-image. Teenagers are under the influence of parents also, but it becomes very important for them how their friends see them and what they think of them. Usually, we say that parents have great influence on our self-esteem, but, we are forgetting that our own thoughts and inner critic are participating in developing self-image. If individuals have the tendency to criticize themselves, they will most likely have problems with self-esteem. The most common cause of low self-esteem lies in unrealistic expectations that people tend to have. It is very important to seek and find qualities in you and to admire them.

How to improve your self-esteem?

Don’t think negatively about yourself and focus on something positive instead. If you are used to self-criticizing, stop yourself and think positive. Don’t try to do everything perfect, because that might not encourage you. Look at your mistakes as challenges to do different next time and learn something from them. If you have something that you want to achieve, work on that step by step and be happy when you succeed. Exercises can be very helpful in building your self-esteem and in relieving stress. You should enjoy in life and have fun with your loved ones. No matter how old are you, it is always possible to rebuild your healthy and positive self-image.

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