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Eliminating Chubby Cheeks

Though considered a sweet trait in children, chubby cheeks are not such a popular physical trait in adults. There are, however, exercises that can reduce the size of said cheeks, which can burn some of the fat stored in the face. It is important to note that fat loss cannot be focused on one specific location, and must be gradually removed from the whole facial region. Most of these exercises only exhibit results after a certain time period. Avoiding smoking or alcohol, sleeping the recommended 8 hours, performing cardiovascular exercise, and taking in lots of water are all recommended methods of assisting cheek fat loss. It is recommended altering the diet so that food is consumed regularly, along with taking in less salt, ingesting large quantities of water and adding vegetables and fruit to the diet. All parts of the body should be exercised to ensure fat is lost from the face.

Exercises for removing chubby cheeks

To begin exercising one needs to tightly press the lips and suck a single cheek in for 5 to 10 seconds. Alternating sucking that and the other cheek for 5 to 8 times concludes this exercise. An alternate exercise consists of inhaling as much air as possible into the mouth, and then forcing it into the right and left cheek, alternating and holding each for 5 to 10 seconds. Air should then be relocated to the upper lip, for the same amount of time. This exercise should also be performed 5 to 8 times daily. Another exercise can be done by pouting the lips as much as possible, with a strained feeling being required in the muscles of the cheeks. There is no limitation to the amount of time this can be performed daily. Smiling with a closed mouth, and then forcing the mouth into an O shape, with the lips covering the teeth, is also a good workout. The lip shape should be held for 8 to 10 seconds, and the whole procedure should be repeated 4 to 5 times. A similar exercise can be performed in front of a mirror, with wrinkling the nose replacing the lip shaping. While these exercises share their holding time, this one should be repeated 10 times. There is also a jaw exercise that can contribute, and it involves relaxing the mouth and pushing the jaw out for 5 to 10 seconds, then returning it to a normal position. This should be repeated 8 to 10 times. The neck can also be exercised to improve overall fat burn, and that is done by tilting the head in the direction of the ceiling and keeping it there. The lips should be relaxed, and shut, whereupon the tongue should be made to stick out and attempt to touch the chin with its tip. This should be maintained for 10 seconds before returning the tongue back and relaxing the head, and it is advised to repeat this 5 times. To work the double chin, it is suggested to have the face stare upwards, to the ceiling, while relaxing it. Mouthing the words ’maa’ is the next step, and repeating it 20 to 30 times ends the exercise. This one can be performed as much as possible. The neck can also be worked out by slowly nodding while in a lying position, holding the head up for 10 seconds before moving it back, and repeating 5 times.

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