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Being Born is Not Enough

Even though many people are consideredto be naturally beautiful, they would certainly not possess theseaesthetic qualities if they were neglectful about their physicalappearance. Most beautiful people spend every second of theirexistence aware of all the necessities needed for the preservation oftheir beauty. Physical health and fitness, numerous treatments andapplication of various cosmetic products are all crucial formaintaining beauty. However, proper nutrition is, perhaps, the mostcrucial factor. By eating properly, you contribute to your beautygreatly. Certain minerals are, therefore, necessary in order for thisto be possible.

Minerals Giving Us Beauty

In the first place, there is calcium.This mineral plays a very important role in our organism. Apart fromkeeping our bones and teeth strong and healthy, it makes our skinelastic and tight and our heart and muscles strong. This mineral isfound in milk and dairy products, green vegetables, legumes, citrusfruits, sardines etc. Moreover, most of these foods are rich inmagnesium as well. This mineral is crucial for the proper functioningof our metabolism. It is also found in honey and apples.

Eating seafood, spinach, mushrooms andiodized salt makes your organism rich in the iodine. This mineralregulates our metabolism. However, it also boosts the production ofthyroid hormones. Thus, people with acne or other skin problems ofthis type are not advised to intake too much of this mineral.

There is no healthy blood functioningwithout iron. So, in order to make and keep your blood supplied withsufficient oxygen, make sure you eat a lot of legumes, whole grains,eggs, fish, meat and green vegetables.

Probably one of the most importantminerals for our organism is phosphorus. It is present in every cellin our body and regulates numerous bodily processes. In order toensure sufficient intake of this mineral eat all of the foodmentioned above, including yellow cheese and beef.

Some of the food types mentioned above,along with tomato juice, fruits like bananas, peaches and figs, alongwith potatoes and sunflower seeds are all rich in potassium, crucialfor our skin health and fluid balance withing our cells.

If you include the above mentionedtypes of food, you will, most certainly, have sufficient levels ofsodium present in your system too. This will provide you adequatebalance of acids along your skin. Finally, you just need zinc inorder to complete this magical beauty spell found in your diet. Zincis beneficial to our skin, bones, eyes, liver and nails. It is foundin cabbage, carrots, pumpkin seeds, brown rice and some of the foodsmentioned in the above sections of this article.

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