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Zinc is a metal which needs to be taken in appropriate amounts so that human body can function properly. It is one of the constituents of numerous enzymes and hormones. Zinc is also significant for growth and synthesis of deoxyribonucleic acid. If not taken in required daily doses the person may end with zinc deficiency.

Zinc Deficiency

Recommended daily intake of this metal varies. Adult men are supposed to take 15mg of zinc per day. Elderly people need 9mg per day and some groups such as pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding require even higher amounts of zinc. These women need to take 19mg of zinc per day. Perfectly balanced dietary regimes which include meat and vegetables can successfully satisfy the daily need for this mineral. If a person does not fulfill the daily requires he/ she may develop zinc deficiency.

The Sources of Zinc

Red meat and liver are abundant in zinc. Even some seafood contains sufficient amount of this metallic chemical. Additionally, it can be found in rice, nuts and cereals. Even certain dairy products contain zinc. This metal can be lost in certain processes of food preparation such as cooking or canning. The whole grains contain more zinc than in case that they have been peeled.

Absorption of this metallic chemical is efficient except if it is taken together with certain foods that contain phytates. Phytates can bound zinc and prevent its absorption.

Health Benefits of ZincSkin CareZinc can be highly effective in maintenance of skin. It can be helpful in skin rash caused by diapers. Even the itchiness can be successfully eliminated. All of the previously mentioned is possible due to zinc's drying and astringent characteristics. Exposure to sun without proper protection can result in accelerated skin aging and a variety of skin changes. Zinc can act as a mighty protector from sun and possible skin damage. Acne as well as cold sores can be successfully treated with zinc. Even burns and skin wounds heal faster if zinc is used.

Zinc is an excellent component for insect repellent products. And even leg ulcers can heal more rapidly if zinc is applied together with standard treatment.Common Cold and Other InfectionsThe symptoms and signs of common cold can be effectively reduced if one takes zinc gluconate lozenges at the very beginning of the infection. Being an excellent warrior against viruses this metallic chemical can reduce cough, nasal dripping and nasal obstruction. The whole duration of the infection is drastically shortened.Zinc in Eating DisordersZinc has been found effective in treatment of certain eating disorders such as bulimia and anorexia nervosa. These patients suffer from all the possible deficiencies including zinc deficiency. Therefore, zinc supplements can be used in people suffering from eating disorders to improve their appetite and bring it under control.

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