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Your food determines your health

It is the emotions that get the chemistry going and that change a person's experience. That is a fact that not a lot of people are aware of. The emotions have an impact on the body and it is the same the other way around. However, both these things have an impact on a person's reality.

Food is another factor that has a great influence over a person's general health. For instance, a person who wants to live a healthy life cannot consume Big Gulps because the consumption of that beverage will create a huge sugar buzz which is usually followed by a sugar crush. That affects a person's emotions as well. Processed carbs have the same effect but not that fast. When a person feels stressed, he or she reaches out for foods like breads, cakes and power bars and that results in the filling the gut with empty calories. These empty foods are a part of what keeps a person on the cycle.

Coffee shops

There was a huge change in coffee shops. People used to consume a lot of instant coffee just recently but then almost everybody switched to decaf. The reason for that is to lessen the anxiousness and artificial buzz that occurs when people consume caffeine. However, people are now experiencing possible dangers because of the chemicals in decaf. Nowadays, most people consume strong coffee. However, because the coffee is so strong, the buzz becomes addictive. There are few people who can function normally in the morning without the coffee. Morning coffee is not the healthiest way to start the day and a person who cannot start the day without one is probably addicted. The addictions become biological and emotional very fast.

A person who wants a healthy body and a peace of mind will need to make sure that he or she is consuming the right foods. The body is able to self-repair and self-rejuvenate but a person needs to aid that process with the introduction of a proper diet.

There was a study that proved that people who ate a chocolate cake and felt bad about it gained weight. On the other hand, people who enjoyed it did not. This proves that the feelings and attention are involved in the whole process.

A person can feel great when he or she eats locally grown products, reduces the waste he or she produces and maximize the life force he or she is consuming. In order to achieve this, a person needs to exclude the empty calories from the diet. A person's state of well-being is affected by the things a person eats.

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