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When people try to lose weight, they need to go on certain diets. When following a specific diet, there are some foods that a person cannot consume but is really attracted to them. For some it is the morning cup of coffee, for others it is bread. But every person has his or her food that he or she is attracted to.


A good thing a person can do when in such a situation is to tally the number of time he or she eats each category of food in a week. A person can make a list of foods and that will help the process. After each week a person can compare the results and see if he or she is making any progress.

Addiction model

When a person is trying to lose weight he or she is not doing only that, he or she is also reversing the progression of the addiction model. Once the person starts to lose weight, the amount of food he or she intakes and frequency will diminish in size.

Diminish the number of times each day

Bread, beverage, dessert and alcohol are some of the items people consume most often. Some people consume between 0 and 20 in 7 days or between 1 and 4 times in a single day. A person should start with choosing one item he or she consumes 4 times per day and cut it to 3 and then two. In the end, a person should consume it only once per day. A person should also use either bread or beverage or dessert or alcohol per meal. No more than one should be consumed and it would be best if none were consumed.

Mental repatterning

Experts agree that talking to himself or herself helps a lot during this process. A person can say that instead of another slice of bread he or she will eat a vegetable or a fruit. A person should also often remind himself or herself how much he or she wants to lose weight. Portion size
For instance, instead of a huge mug a person should drink coffee from a normal cup. No-coffee day
When a person reaches the stage where he or she consumes the item only once per day, he or she should pick one day when the item will not be consumed at all. A good advice is to write that day in the calendar so that a person does not forget about it.

If a person had one category of food today, he or she should avoid eating it tomorrow. This will make a person look for various types of food.

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