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Do Not Trust Everything You Hear

The world is full of people who believethat they know everything. These people are likely to claim falsethings, making others believe them, thereby causing even more damage.The same is with losing weight. When a person decides to lose weight,he/she is faced with the endless number of articles, books, videosand advices about diets, lifestyles and things we usually consume.Below are some of the most common misconceptions one is likely tostumble upon.

No, It's Not True

First of all, countless people give upfrom changing their diets, believing that all healthy diets are veryexpensive. However, this is not true. Rather, if you decide to makechicken with vegetable for lunch, you are bound to get a good valuefor your money, eating cheap things which are more than healthy,being low in fat and rich in vitamins, minerals and many other vitalnutrients.

Next is the myth about food withnegative calorie value. This is simply impossible. Surely, there arefoods that have low caloric value. Yet, there are no meals or typesof food which will make you spend more energy digesting it than thecalories you get from it.

Also, time is not of the essence, thequantity and lifestyle are. Thus, if you are prone to night snacksyou will gain weight if you do not lose the calories gained that way.The same is with every meal during the day. As long as you compensatefor your gain through exercises and an active lifestyle, you aregoing to gain weight. Additionally, butter does not contain less fatthan margarine.

Speaking of smoothies, these are fullof acidic substances which can damage your teeth. Even though thesedo give us instant energy and make us skip meals more easily, we needto rinse our mouth after consuming them in order to keep our teethsafe.

One of other common misconceptions arethat some foods burn fat, that red meat is extremely rich in fat,that all carbohydrates are bad for us and all vegetables, regardingof their quantity, are good for us etc.

All these things are not true.Additionally, dairy products do not make us fat and eggs do not raiseour cholesterol. We need to know that, in order to lose weight weneed to lose more calories than we gain through our nutrition.Therefore, all we need is common sense, a bit of label reading on theproducts we consume and a bit of calculation. Also, we need all theexercise necessary for burning the calories we gained.

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