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There are a lot of overweight people all over the world at the moment. Some people get fat over the years while some have it in their genes. If a person's parents and grandparents are fat, then there is a great chance that he or she will also become fat. However, people whose family is fat do not need to be fat as well. Many people in this situation give up and think that they need to be fat. The truth is that they do not need to be overweight.


Genes might play some part in a person's problem with being overweight but the main reason why that person is fat is because he or she is consuming way too much food and does not get enough physical activity. A person intakes more energy than he or she actually needs. A person can blame his or her family for that but the fact is he or she will not lose weight in that way.

People need to decide what they want. If they want to lose weight and look great, they need to put a lot of effort in that. If they want to blame the genes for that, they just need to continue eating. People are not fat because their parents and grandparents are. Families are fat because they do not eat healthy foods and because they do not exercise enough. Because everyone in the family is fat, they consider that being normal.


A person who does not want to end up like his or her family needs to change some things. First of all, he or she needs to change the eating habits. Second, a person needs to start exercising regularly. At first it will be hard for a person to change something he or she had been doing since childhood. However, it is important if the person does not want to end up like his or her family. A majority of people will not find support in their family members. It is more likely that they will mock the exercises that a person does or the foods he or she eats. The reason for this is because a person who tries to lose weight challenges their comfort zone. In situations like these a person just needs to look after himself or herself in order to succeed in his or her goals. However, there were some cases where a person's efforts to lose weight even inspired some of the members of the family to do the same.

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