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Nowadays, one of the main problems all over the world is weight issue. Lots of people are overweight and they are looking for various ways to get rid of the excessive weight. However, there are plenty of ways to lose weight that companies offer but do not work. There are lots of reasons why some ways simply do not work for some people. This then leads to even more problems like losing self esteem. A person who loses his or her self esteem will have plenty of problems in the future.

Weight problems and self esteem

People who are overweight already know that it effects their self esteem. Today, beautiful people are literally worshiped and everybody will strive to look like them. This puts extra pressure on people who suffer from weight problems. When people go on a weight loss program that promises excellent results, they will have great expectations. However, if the program does not bring the expected results, a person's self esteem will take a huge blow. Lots of people who fail to get into shape turn to binge eating and start believing that they will never be able to get into shape.

In situations like these, people wonder whether there is something they can do. The solution is to find the program that will work for them. Self esteem will benefit a lot if a person is able to get rid of the unwanted weight. However, the problem might be that people are starting to be skeptic about the weight loss programs if they have tried several of them and none worked. In situations like this, people need to find a program that pays more attention on proven scientific facts about the body. Whenever a person eats, his or her body will release two types of hormones, fat burning hormones and fat storage hormones. The food a person consumes will determine which type will be released more. A good weight loss program focuses on fat burning hormones and minimizes fat storage hormones. A person who produces more of the fat burning hormones will lose weight. The way to do this is through a method known as calorie shifting.

Calorie shifting

The key of this method is to manipulate the body into producing more fat burning hormones. A person can achieve this by consuming different types of calories every day in different patterns. This way a person is bound to lose weight. This is possible because the metabolism does not know what will a person eat the next day. A person will consume a lot of foods that are easily burned and the body will then need to burn fat stores.

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