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Yoga certification - what you need to know to get one of your own

Yoga Certification

Getting a yoga certificate may be a difficult thing to do since having a certificate means that you are qualified, and this way yoga loses the meaning if there are many people holding a yoga certificate. But those who have it are competent and there is not chance that you will get hurt during the training because of the poor technique. This can happen in some schools where competence is not that high and the trainers have shady certificates. This situation may lead to injury and you will not fulfill your goals you had before coming to school. The whole world is taken over by yoga and it is becoming even more and more popular. India is the place where yoga took the first pioneering steps and now it has become an industry with multi-billion dollar revenue. Yoga is very popular, especially in America, were Americans give 3 billion of dollars every year for yoga equipment and classes. You can see that this business is very lucrative and people are trying to get the slice of cake for themselves. This has resulted in a great offer when number of yoga instructors are concerned, which does not necessarily imply quality as well. This is why people should go only to those schools that  are yoga certified, so that they can get the best of this ancient and sacred practice.


Discrimination is high among the official bodies of the yoga certification. There are people who are certified only because they teach a specific yoga types. This can be of help if you are looking for a specific yoga type. You can make some inquiries and see who is certified for the type of yoga you are interested in. In the USA, there is Yoga Alliance, which is dedicated to the general yoga practice and has the appropriate certification. This association can help if you are looking for an accredited and local yoga school. Yoga school is basically a school, so inform yourself about it just like you would for any other school. Check the yoga certification of the school and you can get some research done on the certificate as well, so that you would now what it implies. Be very careful about the yoga certifications because they can even be acquired online and they do not guarantee any qualification and proficiency. Also, some may claim that they teach a specific type of yoga which they have created, but this would imply that they are not certified for it. This may cause problems because some may have some advantages that can be useful, but since there are so many yoga instructors without a certification, it is hard to make the right choice and see who can really be beneficial for you.


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