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Even though all of us can give massages, we still need certain certification of our competence before we can practice this discipline with patients privately or through working for someone. Some countries and states require certification for this, while some allow you to earn money from massaging even though you are not a licensed massage expert. Regardless, your chances of getting a good, secure and well-paid job as a massage practitioner is greater once you are certified. Moreover, clients usually prefer people who have proof of their competence.

Massage Certification vs Massage License

Many people believe that massage license and massage certification are the same thing. Yet, this is not true. Certification is a document which provides proof of a person's education and expertise regarding massaging. This is enough to know that one has been educated and has achieved excellent results when it comes to massaging, passing a certain kind of test before receiving the certificate. These certifications are usually issued by non-governmental institutions which are usually private and guided by individual standards.

Massage license, on the other hand, is given by the government, after completing all the necessary requirements regarding education, practice and testing. These licenses are usually issued for certain regions like cities or states. This can make them vary in characteristics and purpose.

Qualified Massage Therapists

Naturally, in order to become a massage therapist, you need to finish all the necessary education and pass all the tests with flying colors. However, the most important part of the training is your experience. Most preparation schools or institutions grant their students around 500 hours of practical work. Also, their massage courses include anatomy, physiology and other important subjects.

Accredited schools are likely to give you the necessary license once you finish your education. Thus, you are more likely to find a good job once you finish one of these courses or schools. Nevertheless, you are advised to check if your certificate is accepted in all states, knowing you working options afterwards.

The Best Choice

The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork is the best possible organization when it comes to becoming a professional massage therapist. This institution requires you to pass the necessary tests with an excellent score, have 500 hours of experience and follow the official Code of Ethics.

All in all, keep all this information in mind when opting for becoming a certified massage expert. Note that not all massage parlors are certified and that your own certification may not be valid in all states.

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