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Ever Thought about Going to Yoga Class?

Yoga is a specific type of physical and mental activity. People practicing yoga regularly may expect to notice improvement in the flexibility, strength and the tone of the joints and muscles. If you need to improve circulation or to get rid of the accumulated stress and tiredness, yoga might be the thing for you. Cleansing of the mind and body and complete relaxation are also associated with this discipline. People suffering from various disorders and diseases found yoga to improve their current medical conditions and symptoms.

There are various styles and levels of yoga, so anyone can practice it, regardless of his or her age or physical fitness. Two of the more common types of yoga are hatha and vinyasa yoga styles.

Hatha or Vinyasa Yoga

Whichever style of yoga you choose there is no doubt that your body will benefit from it, as well as your mind and soul, since this is the goal yoga practice strives to achieve. Physical postures or positions in yoga are known as asanas and different sorts of yoga approach asanas differently.

Hatha yoga is usually thought of as more peaceful, light and slower type of yoga. However, once you start to dive deeper in it, you will find more physically demanding asanas. The name for this discipline comes from words “ha” and “tha”, meaning “the sun” and “the moon”. Most people who are just starting to learn yoga prefer hatha classes. Here, they can learn principles and asanas at slower pace and also some breathing exercises, extremely important for every yoga practitioner.

Both of these yoga practices have the common background, since vinyasa comes from hatha yoga. What you will notice as soon as you start to practice it is that classes of both schools are very different. Vinyasa yoga has different pace and approach to asanas. Here, asanas are linked and create specific series of movements. These series are then supposed to have positive effects to the cardiovascular system of the individual practicing vinyasa yoga. Vinyasa yoga is somewhat faster and the movements are linked together and combined with the breathing practice as well. This is quite dynamic exercise and it creates lots of heat, which in turn relax the muscles. Because of that, many vinyasa practitioners may stretch further than in traditional hatha yoga classes.

Many people advise starting the yoga practice with hatha yoga classes. Once you mastered positions and learn how to breathe, you may proceed to vinyasa yoga if you like.

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